It does not create energy from nothing, ok. But see when you shine a light bulb, it heats, heating and light it encounters. That is, in terms of particles that make us, that light the bulb more thrilled our particles. More an object has particles that vibrate, which are agitated, the more it is hot. A hot object, in fact, because its particles are agitated, a lot of energy. 

And if once the light turned in temperature, there was a machine capable of recovering this energy vibration, agitation of the particles back into electricity? This does not contradict the first law of thermodynamics, since it does not produce energy from nothing. And it would still be super power and "recycle" that energy. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible, but this time because the second law of thermodynamics, which says that the energy is the energy lost - if it has not been stored. For example, if you run, you have spent energy, nothing receuillis. It is therefore lost. For against, when you eat a plant, the energy it contains is transferred - and it is stored, so no wasted (even if a small part is the force). 

Exit also the motion of a second species!